New Beginnings

Welcome to the first entry in my artist journal.

This week many things are happening. Two of my paintings, “The Heart Knows #1 and #2” are in the group show, “The Hidden,” that opens this weekend at Confluence Gallery and Art Center. And my new website launched.

It all started about a year and a half ago after a 5 year hiatus from painting. I had rented a studio above the local gallery and unpacked my brushes and paints that I had been carrying around with me since my last days in Spokane. Setting up a brand new easel, putting a blank canvas on it, settling into the space. The question became what do I want to paint, which quickly changed to ‘how’ do I paint.

So I went small, very small. Two inches by two inches up to a whopping three inches by three and a half inches. Start big I say. Every day in the studio I painted dragonflies, rabbits, ravens, planets, landscapes, water. My hands slowly getting in sync with my mind, my mind beginning to listen to my heart again. Even as I painted I knew something was different, that’s when I knew to put a big canvas up.

I made several attempts but each ended in gesso-ing over the canvas. Until I just stopped, sat down and simply looked at the blank canvas. And I came to realize that the false starts were because I was painting an old way and that there was a new way that wanted to be expressed.

What came out was a looser style, a greater balance between form and formlessness, and a total disregard for rules. Closer to my true voice then ever before. Nothing to lose. I am more aggressive, more honest, pushing myself to go way beyond my comfort zones.

I am excited with the direction my art is taking, I am excited by what is appearing on the canvas, and I am certain that my uncertainty is a good thing. To be comfortable with the discomfort.

At the same time I’ve painting I‘ve been drawing. I’m excited about collaborating with my friend Bee Bailey on “The Monster Book of… Jokes” books. It is fun to draw monsters while channeling a five year old’s enthusiasm and joy. The first book of the series, “The Monster Book of Pickle Jokes,” is available on Amazon both as an ebook and a paperback. The second book, “The Monster Book of Banana Jokes,” is due out later this spring. And I am busy drawing on the third book. I love monsters.

So welcome to my art, please check out the site, sign up for my newsletter below. I look forward to the journey.

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  1. Robin

    Very exciting to see what you are painting, drawing, writing and creating. Just beautiful and inspiring, dear Mark.

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